MSW Disposal Line

Layout of MSW Disposal Line

Municipal waste resource processing technology


Japanese Crushing Technology

With Japan's efficient and stable crushing technology, materials can be crushed below 200 mm in size by configuring primary or secondary crushing according to customers'needs.


German Automatic Machinery Sorting

Using advanced German automatic mechanical sorting technology, we have developed a complete set of domestic waste pretreatment sorting system for the domestic garbage, which has high resource utilization rate and good sorting effect.


Trommel screen

Screen out the mixture material above 30 mm and the muck below 30 mm.


Disc Separator

Screen out the mixture material above 80 mm and the material below 80 mm.


Air Classifier

According to the principle of aerodynamics, light and heavy substances in materials are separated.


Pretreatment sorting process: Japanese crushing Technology  Automatic mechanical sorting  Output

              Metal recovery  Iron and ferromagnet metals, etc.

                                Combustible material(RDF) Plastic, paper, bamboo, etc.

                  Inert substance  Stone, concrete, etc.

                  Inert substance  Stone, concrete, etc.


Occupation area

Total area








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