Industrial waste disposal line

Layout of Industrial Waste Disposal Line


Recycling Technology of Industrial Waste Resources

Crushing:once crushing uses double-shaft roll-to-roll tearing technology to crush the material into small pieces, and then secondary fine crushing the heavy material after separation, in order to meet the separation requirements.


Ballistic Separatinglight, heavy and fine materials are separated according to the different density and shape of volume of light and heavy materials. Light materials are sorted by photoelectric (manual) method, and valuable plastics, paper and other high-value materials are sorted out.


Air classificationthe fine crushed materials are sorting by air classifier, in which light materials and photoelectric (manual) sorted materials are mixed  then packed and transported by automatic packer.


Eddy current : after separation of heavy materials through the eddy current separator, separate the precious metals.


Recycling process: Crushing Fine crushing  Screening and Air Sorting    Photoelectricity

and eddy current  Output:Combustible substance                               
                                           Paper, plastics, etc.                                                              
                                           Other impurities
                                           Copper, Aluminum and other non-ferrous metals


Occupation aream

Total areaO





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