Construction Waste Disposal Line

Layout of the whole plant of construction waste disposal line


Construction and decoration waste resources Recycling Technology


Using double-shaft crusher, the building decoration waste is crushed to the specificated size first.


Screening and Air Sorting

Multiple screening equipment:The crushed materials are screened according to various sizes, and the materials exceeding the prescribed sizes are returned to the crusher for crushing. After material screening is divided into many sizes, air sorting is carried out according to weight and density. Eddy current sorting equipment can be selected to separate non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminium according to project requirements.


Building aggregate Preparation

Impact crusher: crush the separated stones, concrete and so on to the specified size;

Aggregate Screening Equipment: after the impacted, the materials are screened out to different specifications of building aggregates.


Produced products:Crushing  Screening and Air Sorting  Building aggregate Preparation  Output

           ACombustible Wood, paper, plastics, etc.

                         BFerromagnet Iron wire, iron-containing metal, etc.

                         CLandfill waste  Muck

                                                                                                   DBuilding aggregate

                                                                                                   EBuilding aggregate

                                                                                                   FBuilding aggregate

                                                                              GNon-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminium     (Arrangement as required)


Mixed aggregate

Total area




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